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I don’t know too much about the trike carrier, but the trailer hitch can be bought from etrailer.com. And they also carry recumbent bike/trike carrier racks as well.  - Daryl. Godley, Tx

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My name is Tony. My wife are recumbent trike riders as of about a month ago and loving it. We live in Midlothian and have primarily been riding in some nice quiet subdivisions near us.  We did ride the Waxahachie Hike and Bike Trail a couple of times. I am about to have a trailer hitch put on my RAV4 and then thinking about getting a trike rack from Cycle Simplex that will hold our trikes in a vertical position. I’m wondering if anyone can give me some pro’s and con’s about such a trike carrier. We are anxious to become more mobile with our trikes and start riding on trails in the metroplex area.

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