[RBENT] Easy Street Recumbents coming to Ft. Worth

Bob McClure Jr bob at bobcatos.com
Sat Oct 28 18:20:36 CDT 2017

I thought you folks in the Metromess, especially the west side of it, might be
interested in this:

  Mike takes the plunge!
  Easy Street Recumbents begins its slow advance toward
  world domination, or something like that.

  It's time to send Micah home to Fort Worth to run a second Easy
  Street store and we need your help to do it.  It has been a long
  road coming to this point, and at this moment, I need to rally the

  CLICK ON [this}
  and you will be taken to our Indiegogo campaign headquarters.  You
  can see a thrilling 3-minute video, packed with car chases and
  explosions, where I tell you what we are up to and all the
  information I think you will need in order to help us.  No matter
  where you live, if you foresee spending any money with us over the
  next couple of years, then take a close look.  Maybe you won't even
  have to drive so far to spend it.

  Apologies to all who really wanted that second shop to open in
  Terlingua, or Dime Box, or Vidor, or wherever you happen to live. 
  Helping me to make the Fort Worth shop a reality will hasten that
  happy day.  I humbly request your support, and your passing on the
  word of this to anyone who might benefit from a recumbent.

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