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Anyone interested in buying a Tour Easy?  I just got this email.  They
are not on the list, so contact them directly.

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Hello Bob
My husband and I lived in Dallas in the Lake Highlands area for several years
and bicycled around the White Rock Lake trail and lake every weekend.  
We purchased Tour Easy Easy Racer bikes in 2006 due to health issues that had
made riding traditional bikes difficult.   We have loved the Easy Racer bikes.
  He used to follow your forum when we lived here.   
We no longer live in the Dallas area…. as a matter of fact, we sold our house
in 2013 and hit the road in our 40 foot motor coach, touring the county.  We
are loving life like this.  Because of our current lifestyle, we are looking to
sell both of our Easy Racers.  They are in great shape, as he works on them to
keep them that way.  We also had them powder coated to eliminate rust from
being always outdoors.  
We were wondering if you might have any acquaintances or members that might
have an interest in purchasing these bikes.  Both Richardson Bike Mart and
Plano Cycling suggested contacting RBent bike club.  We are in the Lewisville/
Denton area until the end of January as I have recently had hip replacement
surgery and cannot travel until then.  
If you know of anyone, we would appreciate it if you could make it known that
we are trying to sell ours.  We have not listed them on Craigslist or eBay yet,
but that is probably our next step.  

It is best to contact my husband as I do not hear well on the phone.   His name
is Marshall Spangler and his phone number is 469-995-5225.  Or you can
certainly have anyone interested email me at this email address.    

Thanking you in advance for any help you might be.  


Judy Spangler 

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