[RBENT] Garmin Edge 200 for sale

Bob McClure Jr bob at bobcatos.com
Wed Jul 8 14:00:11 CDT 2015

Well, I bought a Garmin Edge 200 GPS bike computer.  As it turns out,
it appears I bought two of them quite unintentionally.  Got the box
from Amazon today and was surprised to see two of them in there.

Well, I don't need two of them, so one's for sale.  It is brand new,
not a refurb and cost $124.90 including tax and shipping.  I'll sell
this for $100 to save me the trouble of packing it up and shipping it
back to Amazon.

If you want to pick it up, you can come to Cumby, or I will be at the
Tour de Paris and you can get it there.  If I get no takers by TdP,
I'll return it to Amazon.

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