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I bought something very similar for my wife, to match my Sun EZ-Cruiser (http://www.sunbicycles.com/product_detail.php?short_code=EZ-3+SX+Tadpole&cl1=RECUMBENT), and returned it the next day. I think it was a different brand, but the seat height and general lines were pretty much the same. The name Baby Boomer hints that it is designed for seniors, but heck, I’m a senior and I’m not ready to stay on the sidewalk yet! Here are the specs:

I doubt that it will go fast enough to ride safely on the street. The seat is so high that it would tip over at any hint of a curve at high speeds. Didn’t you say you had a Sun tadpole trike?  If you love your Sun, you will probably not like this. If you like a sedate pace on the sidewalk, maybe it’s for you. 


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LoneStar Cycles Baby Boomer 7-Speed Recumbent Adult Tricycle
I came across this trike at the following website


It is $900 incl. shipping and $75 rebate to put it together at a bike shop. 
It only has 7 speeds.  Does anyone know anything more about this trike, how it rides, etc. Thanks.

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