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Susan Barackman esbee at 1starnet.com
Tue Jul 26 07:23:31 CDT 2011

Hi we are new to recumbents...just bought my husband a Sun trike –EZ tri classic 21--- and we both love it...I am looking for one for me now!
I really like the seat...my schwinn comfort bike is wonderful except I have not been able to find a real comfy seat---the closest I have gotten is a cloud 9 seat which is concave instead of overly padded.  

we are close to retirement age, I teach art at a middle school in Paris TX and Stephen works for TXDOT with phones and computers. We like to take our bikes to the Trail de Paris which is part of the rails to trails thing.  

As an artist, I do paintings and drawing of people’s horses, dogs and cats.  Last summer I did a portrait of a local man and wife on their  motorcycle trike---first one I ever did like that! I also do bluebonnets scenes, old barns and houses and commercial art and logos. Art has been a real blessing because I have been able to trade my art for many things, furniture, doctor/vet bills, appliances, services of many kinds and even traded for a horse and saddles, which is my main passion. When Stephen was in Baylor having major intestinal surgery, I was paying for my stay by painting scenes of Baylor and Dallas for their hotel.  I did 11 paintings in acrylic or watercolor in 7 days. You can see my art at my website.  I also sell on ebay and ebid.net which I sold enough to nearly pay for the new trike. 
Hope to meet some of you and perhaps go biking. 
God bless! 

Susan Barackman-fine art from  Morning Light Studio
Paris, Texas 75462  esbee at 1starnet.com 
on the net at ... http://susanbarackman.freeservers.com

P..S. In case anyone is interested I have this for sale----for a regular bike---For Sale- The Real Bike Seat--- new in box---size-20" wide seat for up to 200 lb. Rider---$75 ppd paypal, postal money order or cash pick up---retails at the Real Seat website for $89.95 plus shipping  Includes 'Tapered' Alloy Seat Post Shaft $14.95 value----  Widest & most comfortable seat for bicycles.  Installs fast to just about any bike incl. most exercise/stationary bikes, geriatric trikes, electric bicycles, and some electric or gas scooters. Dual padded, suspended nylon seat cover much like an outdoor folding chair.     903-785-5247          esbee at 1starnetcom

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